Lincoln Advantage: a member benefit program

Developed by Lincoln in response to the question we asked ourselves: “How can we support our member’s, and their independantly-owned businesses, even further in gaining a competitive edge in a challenging marketplace?”

The concept of member benefits is not a new one – most successful, progressive companies (and organisational bodies) in Australia provide their members with additional benefits that they have negotiated as a result of the size of their client base e.g. YOUI insurance, Virgin, AVA etc.

At Lincoln we are acutely aware of the huge overheads of running a veterinary practice. Being experts when it comes to negotiation, and knowing that the cost of goods sold is the second biggest expense that a veterinary practice faces, the decision to go into bat for our members on things such as a wholesaler deal on drugs and consumables and a host of manufacturer/supplier deals as part of Lincoln Advantage was an easy one. Our members can leave us to do the hard work for them in ensuring they also can access the sort of savings once only corporate groups enjoyed.

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