Finalist and Runner up

My Local Vet Brisbane QLD

Dr Sam Jones

Tell us about your business?

My Local Vet is a privately owned, boutique veterinary practice serving a community of discerning pet owners on Brisbane’s Bayside.

From its inception I have maintained laser focus on my vision of creating a truly exceptional work space in which exceptional people can do their best work.

“Hire right, communicate the vision and create an environment in which individuals will flourish both personally and professionally.”

This is the foundation upon which I have built an award winning practice. The result?

A story worthy customer experience and a cult following in our community.

Why do you think you were selected for this award?

Because I have embraced and implemented Lincoln’s leadership principles in order to drive results in my practice and enrich the lives of those around me.

I have harnessed the power of humanity – to genuinely care about my team mates, to acknowledge their efforts and appreciate them as people. I have empowered them to step up and take ownership of our work space which has allowed me the freedom to spend more time doing things I really want to do with the people that I love.

I have experienced personal growth through Lincoln’s leadership training that has been genuinely life changing.

How has the training that you have engaged in with Lincoln Institute benefited your business?

It has provided our entire team with a framework to solve complex problems like how to deal with conflict in the workplace or cultivate accountability.

It has helped us focus on our collective performance and equipped us with the tools to execute more effectively as individuals and as a team.

Lincoln’s “Lead to Succeed Program” Leadership Models serve as reliable guides to help navigate challenges in practice.

The benefits of investing in this education include increased engagement, productivity and fulfillment for employees as well as a unequivocal increase in the top and bottom line financial performance for the business.

Why is it important to the veterinary industry that these annual leadership awards are being given?

To promote leadership training in the industry and recognise that it’s something that can be developed.

I believe that leadership education will be the catalyst to change the experience of veterinary practice ownership from inordinately arduous, yielding meager reward to a challenging yet fulfilling AND lucrative endeavor.

Congratulations Dr Sam and the My Local Vet Team