Marketing Manager Position Application

ABOUT US:  Established in 2011, Lincoln Institute is a boutique training and development company committed to supporting a sustainable future for the veterinary industry around the world. Our leadership, business and non-clinical skills programs empower business owners and managers, veterinarians and the teams that support them to enjoy more success and fulfillment in the incredibly important roles they hold. At our core as an organization, there is a shared love for animals and our passion is ensuring they live happier and healthier lives, along with the veterinary professionals that care for them.

LOCATION: Home-based – strong internet connection, home office, computer and phone are required.

EMPLOYMENT BASIS: 38-40 hours per week (8 hours, 5 days per week), on a full-time basis.

SALARY: Competitive pay, aligned with experience and portfolio. This will be discussed in the interview process.

Watch this short video message to learn more

View and download the marketing manager job summary here

START DATE: As soon as possible!

How to Apply

Step 1: Watch the short video above.

Step 2: Download the job summary above and read carefully.

Step 3: Record a video of yourself answering the following 4 questions.

Please do not exceed 3minutes for your completed video response.

Q1: What is your name and where do you live? (Introduce yourself)
Q2: What does the deeper purpose of this Lincoln Institute role mean to you? (Explain)
Q3: What relevant experience do you have? (Elaborate)
Q4: How much capacity do you have to work on this?

Step 4: Email your video, cover letter and resume to  [email protected]    or click here (Add link – TBC) to upload large files directly.

Step 5: You will be invited to an online interview if you pass the screening stage. Our team look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Powell

Co-Director, Lincoln Institute

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