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Thriving in Vet Practice - Free training series
A series of 3 complimentary Educational on-line Events for Veterinary Practice Owners & Managers recorded during 2020 to support you to, not only survive, but to thrive in this crazy time.

Event 1: Regain your time – Learn how to effectively claw back a significant amount of time each day to move from overwhelm to a place of calm confidence

Event 2: Embrace Conflict in your team – Discover the concept of “Positive Conflict” to take your team to high performance

Event 3: Handling the “Karen (or Kevin!)” – A crash course on handling angry and emotional clients in your practice

Marketing Dentistry - 5 Steps to Becoming a Guru! - Free training series
Over the 5 webinar series Dr Gary Turnbull will share proven strategies and systems that he and his team have refined over the past 10 years to create one of the busiest dental services in Australian general practice.

Event 1: Small Animal Dentistry…Getting your team Onboard!

Event 2: Dental Economics…It’s a no-brainer!

Event 3: Mindset…Valuing Your Dental Work Well

Event 4: Selling” Dentistry without Fear or Guilt (Part 1)

Event 5: Selling” Dentistry without Fear or Guilt (Part 2)

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