Year 1 Semester 1 Hiring for talent (interviewing)
Setting Clear Expectations
Motivation (strengths based leadership)
Developing people (feedback & recognition)
Semester 2 Individual Accountability (4 steps)
Communication – 1 (listening, questioning, coaching)
Emotional Intelligence (Hudson)
Teamwork (Tuckman & 5 Dysfunctions)
Year 2 Semester 3 Communication – 2 (Social styles, conflict resolution, moments that matter, connectors)
Humility & Will
Holding others to account (wheel)
Semester 4 Positive Psychology (mindfulness, victor, happiness advantage)
Decision Making
Diversity & Inclusion
Year 3 Masters 1 Client Activity
Cost Reduction
Masters 2 Team-based Revenue Generation
Strategic Pricing
Masters 3 Revenue Generation Individual Team Members