Congratulations on your decision to take part in the third and final year of the Lead to Succeed Program (LTS).  Your first 1 of 3 workshops will take place on Thursday 15th to Friday 16th February 2024 at a venue to be confirmed, in Brisbane.

Lead to Succeed is a 3-year program with each year building on the previous year. The leadership training is broken down into 4 semesters for years one and two, then 3 master classes in the final year .

This Lead to Succeed joining instruction marks your acceptance into  Team Tango who you will remain with for the duration of this final year. They will be your sounding board when you need an ear, they will give you accountability when called for and we have even seen opportunities to refer clients, exchange team members and help with locum support when in a tight spot.

Graduation from years one and two means you already have a spot in our alumni community. Completion of year three ensures an invitation to join Team Omega or Team Omega Platinum Plus, whereby you maintain an ongoing relationship with Lincoln and of course continued access to the very latest in cutting edge leadership resources and other special member benefits including our annual Omega Summit 3 day event – more on that later!

The LTS program enables you to hold your staff to account, communicate with them more effectively, build a high performing team, develop yourself through a better understanding of the high impact of emotional intelligence, know how to maintain discipline without diminishing trust, how to tap into the diversity that exists across your entire team and so much more.

Program Objective

The objective of LTS is to equip delegates with a practical working knowledge of the management and leadership skills necessary to be successful in business.  This process, which is reviewed throughout year 3, includes:

  • Gaining insight into your own level of emotional intelligence and how developing this will improve your self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation and resilience.
  • Learning how to successfully leverage one-on-one and team interactions.
  • Benefiting from the insights of your industry peers in both a formal learning and informal social environment. Develop networks that will aid you well beyond the completion of your training.
  • Building leadership redundancy, enabling you to step aside or switch focus to divesting or growing your practice.
  • Ongoing coaching to ensure you are being supported whilst effectively applying what you learn – taking real life challenges from your Practice to apply leadership the Lincoln way.

Program scope Year 3

We really shift gears at this point in your leadership journey with a focus on taking the leadership skills you have acquired, along with the high caliber and engaged team you have surrounded yourself with and translating these into exceptional financial performance. Year three is in essence your masters year and comprises of three trimesters we call Masters 1, 2 and 3.

Masters 1:

  • Overarching Themes – client activity and cost reduction
  • 2 off-site training days with business development workshop
  • Followed by 3 separate monthly group coaching webinars

Masters 2:

  • Overarching Themes – team-based revenue generation and strategic pricing
  • 2 off-site training days with business development workshop
  • Followed by 3 separate monthly group coaching webinars

Masters 3:

  • Overarching Themes – revenue generation – individual team members
  • 2 off-site days at different location :  1 day training and 1 day experiential
  • Followed by 3 separate monthly group coaching webinars

Course work

Course workbooks will be provided to you at the trimester training (group sessions).  There is no requirement for you to bring anything other than some personal stationery.

Group 2-day event training

The trimester two day events commence on a Thursday at 8.00am for coffee with an 8.30am sharp start time.  Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. The first group day finishes at around 5.30pm with time to freshen up before a group dinner at 7pm.  Dinner and drinks are included in your package.  The program provides a strong networking opportunity for people experiencing the same challenges as you – the dinner is a good opportunity to develop these relationships, we always get very positive feedback regarding the benefit of this aspect of the program.

The second group day finishes at 5.30pm on the Friday and this marks the conclusion of the group training for the trimester.

Accommodation, transfers, breakfast (and dinner on day 2) are not provided. Most participants prefer to fly in the night before the two-day event and depart the evening of day two to be home for the weekend.

Program details

Trimester 1 Commencement:             Thursday February 15th and Friday Febraury 16th 2024

Start Time:                                             08:00am coffee for an 8.30am sharp start time

Location:                                                 Venue TBC, Brisbane

What to bring:                                       All program materials will be provided.

Trimester 2 Commencement:           Diarised for July 11th and 12th 2024. This will be confirmed during the trimester 1 training however we aim not to change these dates unless absolutely necessary.

Education Link On-line Resource Centre

Your membership also includes unlimited access to our Development Resource Centre, house within Lincoln’s VetHub This is a restricted online platform containing a multitude of useful resources including; book reviews, semester reflections, videos, course notes, and other content that will serve to accelerate and reinforce your learning.

Once your LTS membership is finalised, we will provide you with the relevant login details.

Lincoln Advantage member benefits program

Participation in the Lead to Succeed Program entitles you to free access to Lincoln’s member benefit program. Please refer to Lincoln Advantage Overview within the Education Link Platform. Once your LTS membership is finalised we will provide you with a link to the Lincoln Advantage application page.

Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Payment terms are Direct Debit (nominated Credit Card). Invoices will be issued prior to each monthly automatic payment cycle.  Once your registration has been completed, we will process your deposit payment on your nominated credit card within 7 working days of receiving your registration. This will be followed by monthly payments, processed on the 14th of each month. Please note a 3.025% surcharge applies for AMEX transactions. This is a direct pass-through of costs from the credit card company. Visa and MasterCard will not incur any surcharge.

Cancellation Terms

For your convenience, Lincoln Institute amortises the cost of each trimester over 4 equal monthly installments.

Having completed two-day training for the trimester the billing cycle continues until the completion of the 4 monthly payments for that trimester. At that point, the next trimester of the program automatically commences unless you wish to leave the program at that point in time.

If you wish to exit the program mid trimester AND you have already participated in the two-day event for that trimester we reserve the right to charge an early exit fee. This is to recoup the costs associated with the event attendance for the reasons explained above.

Attendance at the group training days is mandatory.  If you are unable to attend the group day, you acknowledge that additional training will be required in order for you to be brought back up to speed with the other delegates on the program.  If it is not possible for you to attend another group’s equivalent training day prior to your next group day, this additional training will be conducted one on one and will be charged at the half day training rate in the following table.


Lincoln Institute provides a 100% money back guarantee. If any participant feels they are not getting value, they can ask to leave the program up until 5.30pm on day 1 of the live training event and receive a full refund for the current semester fees, no questions asked.

Although there is no requirement to lock-in for the full term of the program, out of respect for other delegates in the team, membership is a year by year commitment. If anything is not working for you we ask that you talk to us.

If Lincoln forms the view that the program is not right for you, in the interests of the entire team, Lincoln reserves the right to request that you withdraw from the program at which time you will not be required to pay any more monthly instalments and we waive the exit fee.

Direct Debit Terms

This Direct Debit Agreement sets out the terms on which you have authorised us, the Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd to arrange for payment of amounts that become payable on your account to be made by charging your nominated credit card (Direct Debit Request).

Your Direct Debit Authorisation allows us to arrange for payment of the amounts due to the Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd for the services we provide to you, at the due date of your bill(s) or another date as agreed between us. This authorisation also enables any changes in those amounts and payment times, to occur automatically – you will not need to complete a new form. Any new contracted services added to your Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd account will be subject to these Direct Debit Conditions.

Invoicing of your Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd services is done on a monthly basis, at the time of billing. Recurring services are charged in the month that the services are performed. The Total Due value on the invoice will be the amount processed in the Direct Debit transaction.

You can cancel, vary, defer or suspend the Direct Debit Authority, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, by emailing or calling us, but this must be arranged within 14 days of the due date of the invoice. If you do not provide us with this notice, we cannot guarantee the direct debit process can be stopped.

If you cancel, vary, defer or suspend your direct debit arrangements, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, you must arrange with Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd a suitable alternative payment method for all outstanding fees due, and ongoing contractual obligations.

If a due date for a debit falls on a weekend/ public holiday the debit will be processed on the next business day.
You must ensure you have sufficient credit available on your nominated credit card on the due date to permit the payments under the Direct Debit Authority.

If a debit from your nominated credit card is unsuccessful, we will attempt to debit again twice. If still unsuccessful, we will contact you to arrange alternative payment or further deferral. You must notify Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd if the nominated account is transferred or closed.

If any bank fees are incurred by Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd from a dishonoured direct debit, these fees may be passed on to you.

Upon cancellation of your contract with Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd, all direct debit requests will also be deemed cancelled.

Where you consider that a debit has been initiated incorrectly, you can contact our accounts via email with details of your dispute to [email protected].

Lincoln Institute Pty Ltd employs the policy of treating all records and account details relating to this Direct Debit Authority as Private. We will keep all financial information confidential, except to the extent necessary to administer your direct debit arrangements. If a claim is made on our financial institution in relation to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit, we may be required to disclose this information to our financial institution.

To view pricing and finalise registration please Click here.