Finalist & Overall Winner: Brooke Wright

The winner of Lincoln’s Best Team Leader Award has demonstrated exceptional leadership in all aspects of practice life. As the Practice Manager of a multi-site practice, she has managed the competing demands of her team and the very high demands of one of Australia’s most highly performing practices.

To paraphrase the teachings of the US Army War College, we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. Occasionally we meet people who consistently work though this and don’t just ‘show up’ but bring every ounce of their reserves to be a constant source of inspiration to those they lead. This year’s winner has overcome personal adversity along with significant change across the practice group. She combines an exceptional talent for holding team members accountable with a willingness to step in when the going gets really tough. This hands-on approach has gained the respect of the entire practice group as well as her clients.

As Practice Manager, this year’s winner maintains an exceptional grip on the structural aspects of management having created and implemented many of the systems that make the practice a success.

All of this whilst taking VUCA in her stride. This year’s winner of Australia’s Best Team Leader Award goes to someone who doesn’t even know she been nominated.

Interview with Brooke Wright: Australia’s Best Team Leader Award Winner 2019

  • Tell me about your role and the business you work?

I am the Practice Manager of 2 Accredited Veterinary Hospitals and 1 Veterinary Surgery in the Metropolitan region of Adelaide. Our amazing team is made up of 2 practice owners, myself, 11 Veterinarians, 16 Nurses, 2 Receptionists and 2 Administration staff. Some of my responsibilities include: Managing budgets and inventory of drugs and merchandise. Recruitment and training of support staff. Development of strong practice ethics by ensuring the practice provides a caring and professional service to clients and their pets. Provide support and guidance to our team to develop and maintain client relationships through meaningful communication.

Brooke Wright
  • Why do you think you were selected for this award?

Unaware at the time; Team members that I work alongside, from Practice owners, Veterinarians, Nursing staff and Drug representatives were those who gave their time to provide feedback for my nomination. This was an overwhelming and an amazing award in itself!!

Brooke Wright

I believe I received this award because I was able to demonstrate that I have taken the learnings of leadership skills, put them into practice every day and this/I have had a positive impact not just on the business but my direct team members themselves.

Brooke Wright
  • How has the training you have engaged in with Lincoln Institute benefited your business?

Have difficult conversations and address any negative conflict within the team quickly before a situation becomes a problem. We hold each other accountable! And much more ☺

Brooke Wright
  • Why is it important to the veterinary industry that these annual leadership awards are being given?

I feel that these leadership awards are important for our industry as it is a recognition to the business themselves for the hard work and effort they put in to providing a positive and supportive working environment for the team as much as they do to benefit the business itself. The attrition rates of our Veterinary staff are currently so high; I believe that these industry awards have the potential to provide ‘hope’ to our incredibly hard working, underpaid and often undervalued Veterinary staff out there. To show them that there are Businesses in this industry that are working hard to provide great leadership and support to them through their chosen selfless and ‘once passionate’ career path.

Brooke Wright