If I signup, when does the course start?  

Each video is defined as a ‘course’. The course start is immediate when you sign up.

How much time will it take up each week?

The longest video in Leading Edge is around 25 minutes duration. The average length is 15 minutes. The quiz should then take around 5-10 minutes to complete. Most courses require no more than 30 minutes each week to complete. Of course, if you’re discussing the video together as a team (maybe after having watched it together), this may take a little longer.

Can I see whether my veterinarians are completing their modules?

Yes, on completing your joining instructions you have the option to select if you wish to supervise your team and you can nominate a supervisor. The supervisor is able to see the % of the course completed and also when a student last logged into the platform.

Is there a try before you buy?

No, it’s not necessary. The price point is very low – deliberately, to maximise the number of veterinarians that are gaining these important skills – and there is no lock-in, so you can leave the program and only pay for the last month that you accessed the course material.

If you totally hate the program after the first 3 months, we will happily refund you your full investment.

Does the online platform send out the weekly modules to each participant weekly?

When a student is first registered for Leading Edge they will receive a Welcome email with a link to set their password, this is sent to the email address supplied when registering each participant, when they log in they will have immediate access to course module one, with new course module becoming available every seven days. (please note no email notifications are sent when new courses become available)

I have 5 veterinarians, are they all included in the monthly fee?

Yes, the first 5 are included in the monthly fee.

What if I have 6, 7 or even more vets that I’d like to do Leading Edge?

For each additional vet, you pay an additional AUS$49 (+GST) per participant. So if you have 7 veterinarians registered as participants, you’d pay $249 + $49 +$49 = $347 (+GST)

What happens if I have a veterinarian that goes on parental leave?

It may be a great time for them to get ahead on the program, even apply some of the training to their own family situation. But if you do want to suspend them, you simply message Lincoln Institute and we will remove their login access and you will stop paying for them – of course, if they’re 1 of 5 veterinarians in your practice, your $249 per month covers their cost and if they suspend the program (you don’t want them receiving the Monday courses), your monthly fee will remain the same.

What happens if I have a veterinarian that resigns from the practice?

You simply notify Lincoln Institute and we remove their access. They will no longer be able to access the platform or see any of their already completed modules.

I have a main practice and satellite branch practice[s], what happens there?

For the purposes of this explanation, let’s assume that you have 3 vets in one location and 2 in another. You really have two options: 

1. You can apply for two licenses and pay $249 for each practice – in this way you will be able to see the analytics at an individual practice level. 

2. Treat your practice as one large practice, put all your vets in the one license and although you’ll be able to see each vet as a separate participant, you won’t see any data broken down by main practice and branch practice.  In this example, you’d pay the one $249 per month and all 5 vets would be covered under this one fee.

Having said that, if you are a group of independently run clinics our requirement is that each clinic has a separate license.

Does Leading Edge attract Continuing Education points and how many?

Yes, Leading Edge attracts 1 point per hour. We assume that each course takes approx. 30 minutes to complete, so you can expect each of the participating veterinarians to have achieved approx. 20 CE points by the end of the year long program.  

(Australian Ref: 2. Courses, conferences and seminars conducted by professional veterinary associations or recognised private providers. Post-graduate courses and conferences are run on a worldwide basis by non-university providers. Such courses tend to be of a high standard and presented at a level commensurate with the contemporary requirements of the profession. They are considered to be of equal value to the formal continuing education courses offered by universities. One (1) unit may be allocated to each hour of lectures).

Does Leading Edge cover ‘clinical’ skills?

No, the program does not cover clinical skills.

What happens at the end of Leading Edge?

Leading Edge is a monthly subscription program. This means that you will continue to benefit from the ever-growing library of resources (videos) whilst ever you’re a paying member of the program. So, after 24 months, you need to continue to pay the monthly subscription in order to continue to access this library. Our experience in other long-term programs is that participants will want to cycle back through their library and hone their skills even more.

How do I convince my veterinarians that they need Leading Edge?

We suggest that you and your team watch the LIVE online Tutorial and let them get a taste of the style of presentation and value. Let Lincoln do some of the heavy lifting here for you.

Will participants get any formal qualification for having completed Leading Edge?

Yes, we are working towards our participants receiving a micro accreditation in leadership from the University of Queensland, Australia.

What happens if we decide Leading Edge isn’t right for us?

You can withdraw from the program and as long as you have withdrawn by the 21st of the month, your next month’s subscription will not be deducted and your access to the platform will be removed.

Do we get to keep all the training material (videos) as a library to refer back to?

Leading Edge is a monthly subscription program (a bit like Netflix). This means that you will continue to benefit from the ever-growing library of resources (videos) whilst ever you’re a paying member of the program and if you cancel your subscription you lose access.

Is the program only for veterinarians or should I enroll my nurses and support team members?

Leading Edge is primarily aimed at veterinarians and the unique challenges that they face.  Of course, even if the examples being used don’t directly apply to the role of a nurse or support team member there is always some value in them being exposed to the training.  

When do most people watch the Leading Edge videos?  Should I expect them to do it during work hours?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Most practices would find it useful to set aside some time each month to sit down as a team, watch the video together and then debrief it. However, if team members want to watch it in their own time, no harm done.

Do you have to complete Leading Edge in a set sequence?

There are some videos that have a Part 1 and Part 2, and obviously their sequence is more important. As for the others, no. There is no requirement to watch them in a specific order.

I’m already doing Lincoln’s Lead to Succeed Program or my veterinarians have already done Lincoln’s Chrysalis program, is Leading Edge still applicable to them? 

Yes, the content is similar however, far more contextualised into the role of a veterinarian. So participants may have heard some of the constructs during Lead to Succeed but possibly not with the same examples used, specifically for veterinarians.

Does Leading Edge come as a podcast?

Yes, you can simply play the video through the platform and listen only. There are a number of diagrams that are explained and obviously having a visual is better.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, monthly automated payment from your credit card is our preferred payment method. If you are an existing Lincoln Institute client that has a EFT arrangement, we can add your Leading Edge subscription to this.

Does a supervisor need to subscribed to the program to monitor my teams progress?

No, it is possible to have a supervisor not subscribed to the program.

Can I have more than one Supervisor?

Yes, you can nominate more than one supervisor.