Congratulations on your decision to take part in Lincoln’s Leading Edge for Veterinarians Program. The 52 modules of the Program are delivered weekly via Lincoln’s dedicated on-line education platform. This interface is optimised for mobile device usage, tablets and smart phones if required. Each training video is followed by a short on-line assessment to test retention; the progress through and completion of each module is tracked and reporting is available to the practice management. A standard subscription includes the set-up, administration, content delivery and reporting costs for one practice site, as well as access to the program for up to 5 students from that team. 

Students do not need to be limited to veterinarians and to facilitate reporting one student must be nominated as the Supervisor. Practices will often choose the practice manger or owner as this student. Each registered student will be provided a unique log-in and their progress monitored with Professional Development points awarded accordingly. Additional subscription charges apply for further sites and/or access for additional students. Student log-ins are not to be shared within or outside of an organisation – program access activity is monitored for your security.   

Please have your student/supervisor email addresses at hand and read the Leading Edge for Veterinarians Terms and Conditions before completing the registration form below,