Thank you for helping with the Veterinary Satisfaction Audit for your practice; you will find the link to the survey below.

But first, why is your participation so important?

With an unprecedented shortage of veterinarians and the high levels of stress, anxiety, and poor mental well-being in our profession, there has never been a more crucial time to take action and ensure we make a palpable shift in the mindset, happiness and engagement of ourselves and our colleagues in our place of employment.

Receiving this link is a clear indicator that your employer recognises the importance of checking in properly on the well-being and happiness of yourself and the veterinary team.

Receiving honest, specific feedback from you, as a highly valued team member, is critical to enabling the organisation you work for to ensure the culture and working conditions that will keep you happy, engaged and fulfilled in your place of work.

Team meetings and face to face conversations between managers and personnel are an essential leadership tool to facilitate open communication channels, however, due to individual personalities, or possible fear of negative implications, we know that many employees withhold genuine feelings and ideas in these settings.

Done correctly, engagement or ‘pulse’ surveys like the one you are about to take part in, are a powerful way for leaders to get an accurate sense of the stability of the veterinary team; to ensure team members feel valued and that their opinions matter – regardless of personality type.

The Lincoln Institute’s Veterinarian Satisfaction Audit offers an unparalleled insight for veterinary business owners, managers and team leaders into the stability, fulfillment and satisfaction of veterinarians in the team.

This anonymous on-line survey consists of 50 questions with multiple-choice responses, exploring specific facets critical to your experience in practice and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, excluding any time for additional written commentary.

The results are compiled into a report which is interpreted and discussed in detail with the practice leadership team in a 90-minute strategy call with one of Lincoln’s Directors. The session will assist practice leaders in gaining clarity on the current Practice performance, as well as where key opportunities lie to improve engagement, fulfilment and well-being of the veterinary team.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to stimulate meaningful change for the better, not only within your Practice but across the broader industry.

Please click here to access the survey

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