There is enormous opportunity in connecting Australian and NZ veterinary students with successful and well led veterinary practices through Lincoln’sVetReady program.  

VetReady is a weekly structured program of learning and discussion between undergraduate students and practicing veterinarians in order that both parties’ time and contribution is optimised.  Participants receive a certificate in leadership after 12 months. 

The subsequent connection between the student and practicing veterinarian may well expand into a more traditional mentoring, or reverse mentoring relationship, where appropriate.  


Our primary aim is to develop undergraduate veterinary students to be truly effective in practice and as a result, highly sought after upon graduation.     

Our secondary aim is to connect students with practices either at their first rotation or in their final year of study such that both parties have shared language in how to operate effectively in practice, well beyond a clinical ability.   


VetReady is open to university students undergoing veterinary training in Australia and NZ who have completed a rotation with a practice and would like to spend the remainder of their university training undergoing a structured mentoring program through that or any other practice. 

It follows, that VetReady is open to any veterinary practice that is subscribed to Lincoln’s Leading Edge program and would like to mentor a student.  


VetReady utilises the Leading Edge program as the basis for the student/practice relationship, providing a framework of thinking and discussion that develops the student over time.   


Applications are open all year round.    

Practices undergoing the Leading Edge program have the ability to add additional Leading Edge VetReady members to their existing portfolio at a 20% discount ($40 per month).  They can either be matched with a suitable student who has applied directly to Lincoln or bring their own undergraduate student into the program (from a rotation).    

Students who apply directly will be assessed by Lincoln for their suitability for VetReady and matched with a suitable practice, that could ultimately be their employer in due course.   Apply now

Practices that are not undergoing the Leading Edge program can speak with Lincoln about how they can join the Leading Edge program and take advantage of VetReady.   

VetReady works best when the practice conducts regular team Leading Edge debrief sessions (what can we take away from a specific Leading Edgemodule) and includes their VetReady student in these discussion via video conference – that’s the sweet spot!   

Please select one of the following options;

I am currently studying veterinary science and intend to graduate into practice

I am a vet wanting to mentor a veterinary undergraduate student