Master the Art of Veterinary Science – the stuff they don’t teach you at University Vet School…

Veterinary Practice Owners and Practicing Vets…

Do you want the following?

  1. To be happier and more fulfilled in your career as a vet?
  2. Be able to help more of your patients get the care they need and deserve?
  3. Generate more revenue for your Practice and in turn, as vets; get paid in line with your human dental and medical associates and what you deserve given your level of training and expertise?

What’s Leading Edge for Vets all about?

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Veterinarians around the World are leaving the Profession in droves!

We designed this program specifically in response to the Global Veterinary Shortage Crisis…

The average working life of a Veterinary Graduate is now just 6 years!

And that’s after a minimum of 5 years University study incurring an average debt of AUS$50,000

Source: The Veterinarian 2017

Why the Mass Exodus?

  1. The Stress of Client Interactions – Especially conversations about money – often with highly emotional clients.
  2. The Stress of working in an unpredictable high pressure work environment. With the (commonly held) perception of a lack of support from team mates and or employers.
  3. Disappointing pay – Compared to what other similar university graduates are earning.

These challenging experiences have a dramatic effect on the mindset of our Veterinarians.

Watch SBS Insight Show May 2020 to understand the depth of the problem!

Is this happening in your Veterinary Practice right now?

  1. There is worry about your client’s reaction to the cost of recommendations?
  2. There is hesitation to offer Gold Standard care options for your patients for fear of client reactions to cost?
  3. There is discounting of your services for fear of your client’s reactions to what you know you should be charging for your expert services?

This is exactly why we created this Program…

This program has totally changed my experience as a veterinary surgeon… I‘m so much more confident at work, I’m getting great results for pets and developing excellent relationships with their owners… I have more work-life balance too” 


  • A proven system for getting more yes’s from clients
  • How to get comfortable talking money with clients
  • Charge well for what you do and have happy clients
  • Master client interactions and remove anxiety associated with expectations from clients
  • Maximize time efficiency eliminating the feeling of being overworked
  • Enjoy better relationships with team mates
  • Develop resilience and become energised by a busy day, not overwhelmed by it
  • Give your new graduate vets a great start in Practice

What your fellow Vets are saying about Leading Edge for Vets Program…

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Try Leading Edge now. Your subscription runs month to month and you can cancel at any time. If you don’t feel you have gained value from the program, simply tell us and we will give you a full refund for up to your first three months of membership.

The Pain of Not Enough Vets…

So many of the Lincoln Community of Veterinary Practice owners and managers are telling us they cannot find vets to hire and as a result are working far too many hours and their teams are under a lot of stress just trying to keep up with the work load.

We couldn’t sit back and watch their pain any longer.

Lincoln instigated the Veterinary Shortage Crisis Think Tank in 2018 and quickly discovered it was a global problem.

… This research clearly showed that the veterinary shortage problem is due to attrition.

Leading Edge for Vets is specifically designed to keep our vets in Practice by equipping them with the skills to have a long and happy career.

Leading Edge for Veterinarians is delivered in weekly, “bite-sized” video trainings.

But I am sure you are thinking right now… I don’t have enough time to do this program!

Leading Edge for Vets is built for ease of consumption – it will take you no more than 30 minutes a week – ideal for watching or listening while you are on a break, in the gym, commuting to and from work or even when out on a hike.

Leading Edge for Vets… Create more professional success, fulfillment and enjoy life in practice with less of the stress.

Veterinarians that want a Change for the Better:

In your career, you may have encountered experienced veterinary colleagues that are highly successful and still absolutely loving what they do… Even after decades in general practice.

These are often the vets that seem to manage their time exceptionally well, they have a knack for convincing clients to do what’s best for their pets, horses or livestock. They charge well for what they do, and their clients still love them.

They may have other enviable traits like being amazingly calm under pressure and incredibly resilient even when the going gets tough. Typically, they are vets that are actually earning a decent living.

Have you ever wondered what the Secret is to their Success?

Whilst they have a degree in veterinary science, these are the individuals that have truly mastered the art of veterinary practice. This level of professional mastery typically takes decades to achieve.

Lincoln Institute’s new program Leading Edge for Veterinarians is essentially a fast-track to professional mastery.

A program specifically designed to promote more success in practice and a longer and more fulfilling career for you as a veterinary surgeon.

Whether you’re an undergraduate, recent graduate or a more experienced practitioner, Leading Edge is designed specifically for you

Why does Leading Edge work so well?

The Leading Edge program has been created by distilling over 120 years of combined knowledge and experience of some of Australia’s most successful veterinary surgeons. Its content begins where a traditional University education ends, and we’ll share with you the secrets, tips and tricks to making the art of veterinary science something that truly rewards you. 

Across 52 weekly modules you will be mentored by highly successful veterinary practitioners with decades of experience in general practice. You will be rapidly upskilled and inspired, with pivotal concepts and competencies which are specifically designed to empower you and produce more effectiveness, confidence and satisfaction in your career. Identify the pitfalls that so often stand in the way of professional fulfillment, and we’ll show how to more easily navigate them.

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Veterinary Business Owners and Managers, this Program is a Must for Your Veterinarians

Have you got veterinary team members who are falling short of their full potential?

Are you sometimes frustrated by their lack of efficiency or productivity?

Perhaps they are concerned about some aspect of their work; feeling tired, anxious or stressed with the expectations placed on them by the general public, their team-mates or even you! Are they a flight-risk, leaving you with the unenviable task of finding a suitable replacement?

Leading Edge gives you control of the situation. Invest in their development to not only reinvigorate their career but also produce measurable improvements in their contribution to your practice’s success and financial performance.

Watch this short 3 minute video to learn about the financial results that Veterinary Business owners are enjoying.

Our vets have doubled their procedures recommended since commencing Leading Edge for Vets. This translates to an additional revenue of AUS$60,000 to $100,000 per vet per year. This represents at least a 200% return on our investment and we are only 3 months in to the Program.

Business Owners will enjoy Rapid Results as their Veterinarians:

  • Maximise their time efficiency, eliminating the feeling of being overworked
  • Master their client interactions and remove the anxiety associated with expectations from the general public
  • Shift their financial mindset to overcome the stress associated with money-related conversations
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of doing the work they were trained for and see great patient outcomes as clients say “yes” most of the time
  • Develop resilience and become energised by a busy day, not beaten by it
  • Enjoy better relationship with their team-mates

Leading Edge for Veterinarians has been designed with leverage for you in mind… Better results with less effort! Let industry experts mentor your veterinary team for you, in a format designed to engage them while ensuring and testing retention of knowledge.  This program also supplies internal reporting to you so you can track their development (as well as to participants), to acknowledge and encourage their progress. 

Start your entire Veterinary Team on this Program next week from as little as AUS $249 / month. (+GST if within Australia).

Try Leading Edge now. Your subscription runs month to month and you can cancel at any time. If you don’t feel you have gained value from the program tell us and we will give you a full refund for up to your first three months of membership.

You have nothing to lose so give it a try and sign up today.

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