On-line Event for the Royal Canin Team

Secrets to Success and Fulfillment in The Veterinary Profession

We are looking forward to a new exciting plan for Lincoln Institute to partner with the Australian and New Zealand sales teams in the coming months. Inside the mind of A Veterinarian is a presentation designed to provide the sales team with a first-hand taste of the non-clinical professional mastery educational content Lincoln delivers, and help you gain an appreciation of uniquely interactive and engaging style of delivery they achieve in the on-line format.

This education piece is also designed to give you some highly beneficial insights that can assist you in your role. It is a well-known fact that the key determinant of success or failure in work as a sales representative is having a detailed understanding of your target audience. When the decision-maker you would like to positively influence is a veterinarian, the ability to both capture their attention and successfully pitch to them can be a serious challenge.

When you have a deeper insight into what makes veterinary professionals tick, particularly their own relationship with money, self-worth and selling, you can more effectively adapt your approach to positively influence them.

In this presentation, Dr. Michael Powell will give you a unique understanding of how key aspects of a typical veterinarian’s psyche determines their tendency to experience a longer, more fulfilling career. He will explore with you the predominant mindset characteristics and personality traits that veterinarians possess and how these influence outcomes for the patients, themselves and the industry more broadly. In part supported by results of a multi-national research project launched by the Lincoln Institute into veterinarian attrition, Michael will also share practical strategies and systems proven to support veterinarian’s enjoyment of more professional success and wellbeing in veterinary practice.

Date: Monday 22 June 2020

Time: 11am to 1pm

Location: Virtual presentation

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About Your Presenter – Dr. Michael Powell

Veterinary Surgeon – Educator – International Speaker
Veterinary Industry Advocate and Co-director of Lincoln Institute

Michael Powell is a highly regarded veterinarian, veterinary business leader and one of the directors of  Lincoln Institute. Over the last nine years his training and development company has been dedicated to improving outcomes for the veterinary industry ; supporting business owners, managers, veterinarians and their support teams to enjoy more success and fulfilment in the highly important work they do. 

Graduating with first class honours from the University of Queensland in 1994, his career in practice spans more than 25 years and includes experience in 4 different countries. During this time, Michael developed a passion for leadership and veterinary business development which culminated in him purchasing a veterinary practice in 2006. In their decade of ownership, Michael and wife Nichola, also a veterinarian, transformed the practice into a multiple award winning, ASAVA Hospital of Excellence with a team of 6 vets and 14 support staff.

Despite being in a region regarded for its social disadvantage, Anvet Beenleigh Pet Hospital achieved industry-leading business performance. In 2014, the MPV survey ranked their practice as the most profitable, single-site small animal practice in Australia. Michael’s prouder achievement in veterinary business, however, was achieving this performance in a sustainable way; for several years he worked in the business just 2-4 hours per week. He attributes most of this leverage to three things : surrounding himself with a talented team, creating excellent business systems and most importantly, leveraging the power of effective leadership to bring these components together … creating exceptional outcomes for patients, clients, team and the practice alike.

2015 saw Michael and Nichola sell the practice and their home, and head off on a year-long adventure they’d always dreamt of – living in a villa by a lake in the north of Italy. Now back home in Australia, he is focused full-time on his important work at Lincoln Institute, pursuing his passion of helping other veterinary professionals achieve success and fulfilment through leadership, business development and non-clinical soft skills education and support.

In 2018 Michael’s enthusiasm for improved outcomes for industry professionals saw him form and chair the Vet Shortage Think Tank and subsequent Vet Shortage Steering Committee meetings. His efforts brought together New Zealand and Australian regulatory bodies, representative organisations, industry experts, as well as private and corporate industry stakeholders at all levels; this initiative has been credited with not only creating a better understanding of the critical issue of veterinarian attrition from the industry, but crucially, also stimulating the first coordinated and meaningful steps to recognise the nature of the challenge and address it.

Michael performed ground-breaking, extensive research into the veterinarian attrition with a multi-national study of nearly 1500 veterinary professionals completed in 2019. This study created an unprecedented picture of the scale, impacts and causes of premature departure of veterinarians from clinical practice as well as opportunities to address it. His research and advocacy in this aspect of the veterinary profession continues today and he is a highly regarded thought-leader and educator in veterinary leadership and the promotion of longer, more fulfilling careers for veterinary professionals.

Date: Monday 22 June

Time: 11am to 1pm

Location: Virtual meeting

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