A 360 Review is a Self Awareness tool.

The process involves sending out an anonymous survey to those people that you work with (your boss, your peers and your reports – people who report to you) in order for them to rate your performance.

A 360 review is the ultimate form of feedback and can be as comprehensive as the questions that you pose and the people that you ask to respond.
It is important however to remember that it is a self awareness tool and as such, should be completed by the person being reviewed and then scores compared. If you are performing poorly in an area of your role and your 360 review confirms this, then this shows a high level of self awareness – the 360 review will not provide you with the answers as to how to address this, just confirmation that your perspective is shared by others.

If you are deciding to conduct 360 reviews across your leadership team, you should take care that they di not open their 360 feedback sheets alone. It is important that they get an opportunity to debrief – they can be brutal!

360 Reviews

Research and background

The Lincoln Institute 360° Feedback Profile has been developed based on a thorough review of the latest research on what effective managers and leaders do. It provides information on the extent to which you are managing yourself and others in a manner perceived as effective by key stakeholders in your practice (i.e. your ‘boss’, direct reports, and co-workers), given the requirements of your role. This profile highlights your key strengths and areas where you could most effectively work to develop your managerial and leadership skills, even if you are not yet in a managerial role.

The four quadrants

The profile gives you feedback on a wide range of effective management practices, covering both the extent to which you treat people with a high regard whilst getting the job done effectively.

Response Type

Respondents answer the following question about each behaviour: “What is his/her level of effectiveness?” This indicates your respondents’ perceptions and areas for development in your current role:


Not EffectiveI see glimpses of thisMeets my expectations of the roleBetter than most in the same role A role model for others

There are 15 questions that relate to how well the reportee gets stuff done, manages themselves and manages others.

Please share the link with your reports to commence the 360 Review process.

360 Review Questions