“I just want to share with you some of the excellent results that we’ve had from delegates that have done the Chrysalis Program with the Lincoln Institute. What Chrysalis did was take away the uncertainty of what’s required personally to achieve success in leadership and management of a veterinary Practice. This stuff is outside what we’re taught as veterinarians and nurses at university and what we experience in Practice.

If you’re a Practice Owner in a similar situation, if you’ve got people who are ready to join a management team, I’d strongly recommend
sending them along to Lincoln’s Chrysalis Intensive 4-day Program. This program’s going to fast track the development of the stars in your organisation, from the people who should stay as veterinarians and nurses.
It teaches them what is required and helps set them up to be successful in the role. I wish we’d known about it years ago! We’re glad we made the investment and it’s paying off straight away when these people come back to Practice”