Watch this short video message from Lincoln’s Dr Gary Turnbull now:

A series of 3 complimentary Educational on-line Events for Veterinary Practice Owners & Managers to help you to not only survive 2020, but to thrive in this crazy time. Brought to you by the Lincoln Institute.

Event 1: Regain your time – Learn how to effectively claw back a significant amount of time each day to move from overwhelm to a place of calm confidence – You missed the live event – watch the replay by CLICKING HERE

Event 2: Embrace Conflict in your team – Discover the concept of “Positive Conflict” to take your team to high performance – You missed the live event – watch the replay by CLICKING HERE

Event 3: Handling the “Karen (or Kevin!)” – A crash course on handling angry and emotional clients in your practice (of any gender) – You missed the live event – watch the replay by CLICKING HERE

What a year it’s been so far!

Unprecedented change in our personal & professional lives, a rapidly evolving landscape with extraordinary logistical and Human Resource pressures.

AND…. evidently, it’s taking its toll.

Through Lincoln’s numerous leadership training activities, we are speaking with dozens of veterinary staff on a daily basis, right across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We are hearing the same feedback over & over. And it goes like this….

“We’re busy. Really busy!”

For many, more so than ever before.

“We’re frequently under-staffed and that’s stretching the team to and beyond their limit.”

Vets in particular are feeling the overwhelm. Put simply,

There are not enough hours in the day to meet our commitments and do the job to our satisfaction. The whole team are really tired.

Cracks are starting to appear. Despite the best efforts in top performing vet clinics… Balls are being dropped and that’s got the potential to impact negatively on the animal owners customer service experience.

To make matters worse, COVID restrictions are raising the stakes…

The general public are less forgiving. In many cases, they are downright angry and they’re taking out their frustration on our people. Not fair… but it’s happening.

I’m sure you have seen those crazy videos across the social media?

Conflict is not limited to the general public. In many cases, our teams are starting to struggle too.

Tiredness and stress are amplifying the personality clashes and differences of opinion that are inherent in many organisations.

Is this resonating?

If so, please don’t follow the vast majority and bury your head in the sand hoping that things will get better.

Take positive action because left unchecked, things will head on a downward spiral – sadly we see this happen.

As a first step, we want to give you some immediate strategies that will help you gain control.

Join us over the coming weeks for a series of 3 complimentary on-line live training events dedicated specifically to help you deal with these specific challenges.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to focus on YOU and YOUR PEOPLE.

This complimentary training will give you some essential principles of Lincoln’s personal & organisational leadership to make your path forward a place of thriving, not just surviving.

Event 1 – Regain your time

We will explore the key elements of veterinary practice that predispose team members to a sense of over-commitment and overwhelm.

You and your team will discover the secret to claw back a significant amount of time each day through a combination of effective…

  1. Planning,
  2. Delegation,
  3. Automation
  4. Priority management

Event 2 – Embrace the conflict in your team

We’ll take a look at the fundamental basis of what everyone dreads and runs a mile from… Workplace Conflict. Learn how to…

  1. Re-frame how you view conflict from something that’s bad to an opportunity for everyone to embrace.
  2. Learn how to effectively manage conflict within your team.
  3. Understand that conflict has an amazing opportunity to represent a source of CREATIVITY and INNOVATION instead of the usual pain and angst.
  4. Put positive conflict to work in your practice to create a fantastic culture.

Event 3 – A crash course on handling the “Karen (or Kevin!)” a.k.a. angry and emotional clients

Discover how to defuse emotionally charged situations with angry and emotional clients through discovering…

  1. Advanced communication techniques.
  2. Enhance your ability to listen.
  3. Demonstrate empathy.
  4. Create the feeling for your client that they are in control of the situation whilst you confidently guide them to your desired outcome.

Each event will include a live and interactive discussion to provide you with the opportunity to ask any burning questions that might arise.

We are also going to offer you an opportunity to commence your veterinary team on an online learning program journey with us to further develop these critically important skills, and a multitude more to maximise your effectiveness and professional fulfillment in veterinary practice.