Successfully Leading Your Veterinary Team & Business through the COVID-19 Pandemic (and beyond)

Upcoming Dates:

New dates coming for 2021

Join us for a 1-day Complimentary Virtual Event… Paul Ainsworth will guide you through Lincoln’s foundational leadership principles in a highly interactive virtual experience from the comfort of your own home.

You will come away from this full day of on-line training equipped with a tool-kit of highly relevant and easy to implement leadership strategies to utilise in your Veterinary Business the very next day.

Watch this short video to learn more from Lincoln’s Dr Gary Turnbull

Who is this event for: This event is for Veterinary Practice Owners, Managers, Lead Vets, Head nurses and Front of house managers. This is a free event gifted to the Veterinary Communities of Australia and New Zealand by means of offering our support through this time.

When: New dates coming for 2021

Time: 9am to 5pm (This is an experiential and interactive event)

Where: On-line – join us from the comfort of your own home.

Cost: This is a Free Event to support the Veterinary Community

We are limiting attendees to a maximum of 50 to ensure this is an interactive experience.

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The Lincoln team succeed where other management gurus fail – it’s not about the ‘ra-ra’ and ‘walking over the coals’ motivational stuff that lasts 5 minutes.  Rather, they help veterinary practice owners understand their team dynamic and help you recognise that nobody can be accountable for your practice success other than yourself.  Intimate, one-on-one coaching and twice-a-year mini conferences ensure that you, your staff and your practice will grow in all aspects – in a steady, solid and achievable way.  We’re very much enjoying our Lincoln Journey.’ 

Dr Jeremy Goldin, Owner of Bayside Animal Medical Centre, Melbourne

Program Overview

Discover how to take stock of yourself and develop a higher level of self-awareness in order to project the best version of yourself so that you can get the most out of the people that look to you for leadership…

Session 1: “Taking stock of yourself first“… This session will help you navigate the complexities of self-awareness (and help you to understand why we’re hard wired to be only 40% self-aware relative to how others see us) followed by 5 principles of emotional intelligence that will serve you in terms of being the “best version” of your authentic self.  Without your best self, you have little chance of successfully mobilizing the same team of people that are almost entirely dependent on you for direction and guidance during a crisis.

Where is your team currently “at” and where do you need them to “be”?

Session 2: “Gap Analysis”… This session will target the inherent gaps in any team that is ‘re-forming’ to deal with the pandemic and then deal with your specific challenges in a highly engaging and interactive session.  These inherent gaps include; access to reliable information and how to select your source of truth, how to manage ‘emotional hygiene’ – the extent to which you allow yourself to be drawn into turmoil and an inability to deal with conflict within the team.

How to get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Session 3: “Communication and motivation” –communication techniques that will help you and your team navigate periods of extreme uncertainty and the ‘new order’ of things going forward (at least for the next little while).

As leaders we all do our best, but without some focus and training, there is the potential that there might be a better way to lead than what you are currently doing

Session 4: “Live Q&A“… Unconscious incompetence (we don’t know what we don’t know) is one of the biggest challenges facing us as leaders.  This session is designed to help you to come to grips with some of the questions that the day’s training will unearth – questions that you don’t yet have because you don’t know what questions to even ask.

”It’s extraordinary…..the pay-off is huge. Don’t consider it, just do it.”

Dr Steven Cooney, Practice Owner, Balmain Veterinary Hospital NSW

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