Successfully Lead Your Veterinary Team & Business Through Rapidly Evolving Times

This will be you final chance to participate in this free event for 2021

What will we be talking about?

  • Regain a sense of personal control and eliminate the chaos so that you can think clearly and make good decisions,
  • Enjoy positive and energizing relationships with your working ‘family’ so that you do not lose your most valued team members,
  • Stabilize your team and get everyone on the same page and working towards a common goal with a set of aligned values,
  • Future proof your veterinary business. Vet shortage = higher wages demand = more pressure on your bottom line… do you have a plan to meet increasing pay expectations AND maintain your profit margin?
  • Move from “I think” (opinion) to “I know” (based on real data),
  • Stop ‘surviving’ on a day by day basis and start thriving to secure the longevity of your team and veterinary business.

Who is this for?

This event is for Veterinary Practice Owners and Managers. This is a free event gifted to the Veterinary Communities of Australia, New Zealand (or where ever you may be) by means of offering our support through this time.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 2nd September 2021


Thursday 23rd September 2021

This event is in popular demand. Please only register if you are ready and able to attend. This is a live event only, there will be no recordings. If having registered you find you will be unable to attend, please cancel your registration so that others do not miss out. Only 40 spots available.

Is this your reality right now?

It’s 8.00 am as you draw into your parking space at the rear entrance to the clinic.

One last gulp of your now cold take-away coffee (it’s your ritual treat to kick start your day) and a deep breath as you prepare to head into the clinic. No sooner have you extracted your key from the staff entrance lock, with just one foot over the threshold, and it begins…

“I’m glad you are here Dr Kate, Paula has phoned in sick this morning with another migraine so you have some double-booked appointments this morning I’m afraid, we did cancel whatever we could. Now, before you do inpatient Mrs Carter is in consult one waiting for you, she is worried Panda’s kidneys have taken a turn for the worst and she is thinking now might be the time. Then can you take a look at  Rufus, remember, the snake envenomation that came in yesterday? His owner has already called three times this morning for an update, if you don’t call him back soon, he is going to flip out!”

…And that’s even before you have both feet through the door!

It’s likely you signed up for a vet career because you enjoy a challenge and thrive on the unpredictability of our average workday – but is this beyond out of control?

Turning away callers on the phone with pets in need of some form of veterinary attention goes against your moral fibre and compassion, and yet many clinics, are doing this on a daily basis.

The final straw for your receptionist this week was when she took a desperate call from someone (who was not registered at your clinic) that had an 8-year-old Rottweiler with suspected bloat and had already been refused an emergency consult at no less than three other neighbouring clinics.

Sounding familiar?

Veterinary Practice Owners, Managers and Teams are exhausted. Some at breaking point.

The vast majority are too busy, with demand exceeding capacity. There are not enough vets (or nurses for that matter). If you do get applicants, be prepared for a higher expectation with regard to remuneration.

When will things get back to normal?

The reality is this is the new normal.

There will be no quick fix to this veterinarian shortage or the increased demand from the COVID lockdown puppy boom, so it is essential that you adapt to the new norm and create a sustainable veterinary business model now.

Thriving in this new paradigm will take a new approach.

The good news is that it is possible to thrive right now and many are already doing so. Feeling like you would like to learn how to join them?

Here is how to make a start and take your first step…

Watch this short video to learn more from Lincoln’s Dr Gary Turnbull

Join us for a 1-day Complimentary Virtual Event…

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 2nd September 2021


Thursday 23rd September 2021

Spend a day with Lincoln’s Founder, Paul Ainsworth and discover the attainable skills that are enabling some veterinary practices to thrive.

As an Australian Infantry Officer Paul has had to maintain his composure and operate for sustained periods in the most difficult circumstances.  

This includes safely leading teams out of crossfire, negotiating the release of hostages, reopening international borders that have been closed due to hostile acts and providing humanitarian relief to communities suffering oppression.

Paul blends his lived experience with a unique ability to teach others – and for the last 10 years Paul and Lincoln Institute have been doing that for hundreds of veterinary practices across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Europe and the United States.

Over the course of the day you will discover…

Understand that you must put your own oxygen mask on first before you can effectively help others…

  • Learn strategies to reduce your personal level of stress and overwhelm so that you can think clearly and make good decisions,
  • Put yourself into a good place through better self-awareness and self-compassion.
  • Make better decisions through techniques for gaining focus and clarity.
  • Learn to be agile and how to encourage agility within your team – the gateway to operating in a stressful environment over a sustained period.

Interpersonal skills…

  • Learn how to manage your connection with others in order to get ahead of the game in really difficult circumstances.
  • Through your actions, build resilience in others.
  • Through your actions, build motivation in others.
  • Through your actions, create a guiding coalition amongst cynical and exhausted team members.
  • Discover the importance of providing constant feedback and how to do it, well.

Your Team…

Retention of talent will be key to turning things around. So many clinics are hanging by a thread, if they lose one more vet they will be in dire straits! As leaders, no one is going to understand and lead your practices for you. Learn how to:

  • Set the strategic direction for your practice.
  • Focus on retention strategies in a starved veterinary market
  • Learn how to get potential new talent to read and engage with your advertising.
  • Learn how upward pressure demands on Veterinary Remuneration whilst maintaining a healthy profit margin are both achievable.

Success is in working smarter not harder…

A high performing team will get more work done with fewer people than a team that is not at a high performing level. Having the right person in the right place doing the right thing (and wanting to do it) is key. It’s not that hard to achieve – but you don’t know what you don’t know!

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 2nd September 2021


Thursday 23rd September 2021

The Lincoln team succeed where other management gurus fail – it’s not about the ‘ra-ra’ and ‘walking over the coals’ motivational stuff that lasts 5 minutes.  Rather, they help veterinary practice owners understand their team dynamic and help you recognise that nobody can be accountable for your practice success other than yourself.  Intimate, one-on-one coaching and twice-a-year mini conferences ensure that you, your staff and your practice will grow in all aspects – in a steady, solid and achievable way.  We’re very much enjoying our Lincoln Journey.’ 

Dr Jeremy Goldin, Owner of Bayside Animal Medical Centre, Melbourne

”It’s extraordinary…..the pay-off is huge. Don’t consider it, just do it.”

Dr Steven Cooney, Practice Owner, Balmain Veterinary Hospital NSW

Want to know more?

Call Anna Graham for further information on +61 (0) 447664716

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