The Veterinary Industry Correction… How Prepared Are You?  

Global transformation is afoot. The most substantial adjustment to the veterinary business model is underway.

Unprecedented premature attrition of veterinarians and clinical support staff from veterinary practice has left a severe shortage of human resources.

The simple forces of supply and demand are now exerting upward pressure on wages and salaries.  Anecdotally, salary increases of 50% plus are becoming commonplace – and this was already your single biggest operating expense!

What does this mean for the prosperity of your veterinary business?

Watch this short video to learn more from Lincoln’s Dr Gary Turnbull

What’s on the Agenda?

  • Success is built on sound business strategy. Fundamentally, this requires a shift from “I think” (aka opinion) to “I know” (aka data). This is a hard habit to break. Demystify  what data you will NEED to create a winning business strategy and where to get it.
  • Once you have the data, what do you do with it? This often feels confusing.  Understand the metrics.  What are your strengths and where are the immediate opportunities to propel the success of your business.
  • Seizing the opportunities. You can’t do this on your own. To the contrary, effective business leadership is all about leveraging your talented people so you can work smarter, not harder! Identify the key leadership principles that will allow you to get the very best from them.
  • The final step. Translating great opportunities into achievable goals that are realised can be daunting. Learn the ‘hacks’ of execution that overcome the typical resistance to change and pain points around accountability with your team.

Who is this for?

This event is for Veterinary Practice Owners and Managers. This is a free event gifted to the Veterinary Communities of Australia, New Zealand (or where ever you may be) by means of offering our support through this time.

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 10th November 2021

Due to the popularity of this event this will be the fourth (and final) time we will be running this event this year!

This event is in popular demand. Please only register if you are ready and able to attend. This is a live event only, there will be no recordings. If having registered you find you will be unable to attend, please cancel your registration so that others do not miss out. Only 40 spots available.

Is this your reality right now?

You’re walking down the corridor and as you pass by one of your loyal employed veterinarians, they stop and ask if you could catch up for a chat before the end of the day. You smile and say, “Yeah sure, no problem. Let’s catch up after consults are finished.”

That sickening feeling has already hit the pit your stomach. You sense an immediate stress response. Your mind is already racing…..

Oh my god, what’s wrong? Why are they unhappy?

What if they’re resigning. Great, here we go again!

Re-jig the roster, start advertising and wait...

More strain on the team.  6 months, 12 months, longer…

After several hours of torture, you finally meet.

The good news:  they are not resigning… Yet.

The bad news: They have been ‘head hunted’ and offered a comparable position including a much bigger salary.

They don’t want to leave. They like your practice and the team. However, if you can’t match the offer, their hand will be forced.

Sounding familiar?

This is happening every day.

The market has become extremely competitive, and it heavily favours the employee. This new norm is long overdue and demands a more sophisticated approach to practice management. Gone are the days of ‘winging it’. Keeping an eye on the bank account to make sure you can pay the bills with a little left over just won’t cut it anymore. More importantly, it doesn’t need to be this way.

If you would like to learn how to pay your people very well AND enjoy a healthy profit with a team that WANT your business to succeed, then register for this free event now!

Thriving in this new paradigm will take a new approach.

The good news is that it is possible to thrive right now and many veterinary business owners that work with us are already doing so. Feeling like you would like to learn how to join them?

Here is how to make a start and take your first step…

Join us for a 1-day Complimentary Virtual Event…

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 10th November 2021 9am – 5pm Sydney time (AEDST)

Due to the popularity of this event this will be the fourth (and final) time we will be running this event this year!

Spend a day with Dr Gary Turnbull along with Lincoln’s Founder, Paul Ainsworth and discover the attainable skills that are enabling our clients veterinary practices to adapt and thrive during this period of massive change.

As an Australian Infantry Officer Paul has had to maintain his composure and operate for sustained periods in the most difficult circumstances.  

This includes safely leading teams out of crossfire, negotiating the release of hostages, reopening international borders that have been closed due to hostile acts and providing humanitarian relief to communities suffering oppression.

Paul blends his lived experience with a unique ability to teach others – and for the last 10 years Paul and Lincoln Institute have been doing that for hundreds of veterinary practices across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Europe and the United States.

By then end of the workshop you will:

  • Appreciate the metrics you need to develop sound business strategy,
  • Recognise the vital signs of healthy business performance,
  • Identify your biggest opportunities,
  • Learn how to leverage your talented people through effective leadership to do the heavy lifting for you,
  • Understand the non-negotiables for successful execution to achieve clear business goals.

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 10th November 2021 9am – 5pm Sydney time (AEDST)

Due to the popularity of this event this will be the fourth (and final) time we will be running this event this year!

The Lincoln team succeed where other management gurus fail – it’s not about the ‘ra-ra’ and ‘walking over the coals’ motivational stuff that lasts 5 minutes.  Rather, they help veterinary practice owners understand their team dynamic and help you recognise that nobody can be accountable for your practice success other than yourself.  Intimate, one-on-one coaching and twice-a-year mini conferences ensure that you, your staff and your practice will grow in all aspects – in a steady, solid and achievable way.  We’re very much enjoying our Lincoln Journey.’ 

Dr Jeremy Goldin, Owner of Bayside Animal Medical Centre, Melbourne

”It’s extraordinary…..the pay-off is huge. Don’t consider it, just do it.”

Dr Steven Cooney, Practice Owner, Balmain Veterinary Hospital NSW

Want to know more?

Call Anna Graham for further information on +61 (0) 447664716

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