2-day live & face-to-face Leadership Training Event

We have entered uncharted territory.

There is a severe skills shortage. The veterinary profession simply does not have enough  people to meet the demands of the marketplace.  For the first time in history veterinary practices are closing their books and turning new clients away. Many are struggling just to service their existing clients. And this dilemma is starting to take its toll.

Now is the time to learn exactly how to develop a sustainable veterinary business model. It’s essential that your veterinary team is highly resilient. Safeguarding the retention of your best talent is paramount as replacing departing team members is now even more of an impossible challenge than ever before.

Watch this 4 minute video message from Dr Gary Turnbull

Virtual events have served us well over the last 12-months but now is the time to get back into a real event room. That’s right, say goodbye to Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Google Meeting. You can’t solve problems in the environment in which they are created. So, step outside for a moment and see things through a different lens. Spend time with real people… Like-minded colleagues looking to steer their veterinary team and business in the right direction.  

This event is for: Veterinary Practice Owners, Managers, Lead Vets Head Nurses and front of house Team Leaders. If your role involves leading others – this is for you!

Venue: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

When: Next event dates for 2022 pending

Book with confidence: During these times it is possible that snap lock downs and state border closures can impact our best made plans. In the unlikely occurrence that this event is impacted in such a way, please be reassured that we will offer you a refund if you cannot attend or the event is postponed and new dates do not suit your needs. Please also be reassured that our venue provides for a COVID safe experience.

Your Investment includes: morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, workbook and CE Certificate

What a year it’s been so far!

Unprecedented change in our personal & professional lives, a rapidly evolving landscape with extraordinary logistical and Human Resource pressures.

Through Lincoln’s numerous leadership training activities, we are speaking with dozens of veterinary staff on a daily basis, right across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We are hearing the same feedback over & over. And it goes like this….

veterinarians operating on a bird

“We’re busy. Really busy!”

For many, more so than ever before.

“The phones are ringing off the hook. We’re frequently under-staffed and that’s stretching the team.”

Veterinary professionals are feeling overwhelmed.

Put simply, there are not enough hours in the day to meet our commitments and do the job to our satisfaction. The whole team are really tired.

Cracks are starting to appear. Despite the best efforts in top performing vet clinics…

Balls are being dropped and that’s got the potential to impact negatively on the animal owners customer service experience.

To make matters worse, COVID restrictions are raising the stakes…

The general public are less forgiving. In many cases, they are downright angry and they’re taking out their frustration on our people. Not fair… but it’s happening.

Conflict is not limited to the general public. In many cases, our teams are starting to struggle too. Tiredness and stress are amplifying the personality clashes and differences of opinion that are inherent in many organisations.

The good news, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Is this resonating? If so, it’s time to act… Before a downward spiral begins.

Take positive action and accelerate your success by learning directly from veterinary industry experts with a proven track record of having walked the talk throughout these challenging times.

Over two full days of experiential learning, we’ll show you how to achieve these 4 key outcomes:

  • Resilience – it’s common to hear that a lot of people in our industry are sadly “running on empty”. Building resilience is key to allowing those “batteries to recharge” and deepens the capacity to deliver our services without feeling totally depleted. Yes, it is possible! Discover simple techniques to empower your team to be confident at handling the most difficult and demanding clients without becoming stressed or upset.
  • Team retention – your best talent will be the first to leave a “floundering ship”. Learn how to motivate and develop your team so that your best human assets stick around. Discover how to be the compass your team needs and wants more than anything else. Build a high performing team that embrace positive conflict with each other, not one where all you hear is complaining behind each other’s backs.
  • Sustainability – we are in unchartered waters and the current workload and resourcing mismatch is here to stay. Learn how to re-engineer your veterinary business so that it is a sustainable one.
  • Thrive – not just survive during these challenging and demanding times. With the increased demand for your services, your revenue will undoubtably have increased. But what about your profitability? For many veterinary businesses the costs have increased just as fast as the turnover, leaving similar financial results for all of that additional stress, effort and hard work! Do you even have time to review your numbers and if so, are you looking at the right numbers? Discover how to reap the rewards you deserve for your hard work and effort by seeing the increase in hard profit.

Alternatively, you could of course continue doing the same as the vast majority and do the very best you can through trial and error, sweat and tears.

Venue: Gold Coast QLD Australia

When: Next event dates for 2022 pending!

Book with confidence: During these times it is possible that snap lock downs and state border closures can impact our best made plans. In the unlikely occurrence that this event is impacted in such a way, please be reassured that we will offer you a refund if you cannot attend or the event is postponed and new dates do not suit your needs. Please also be reassured that our venue provides for a COVID safe experience.

About your Presenters

Paul Ainsworth MBA Founding Director
Dr Gary Turnbull BVSc (Hons) Veterinarian & Director

Paul Ainsworth, the founding director of the Lincoln Institute, is a highly sought after executive coach, facilitator and key note presenter with a focus on stimulating organisational team and individual leadership potential Paul is a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy, University of New South Wales, the Royal Military College Duntroon and was awarded the prestigious Sasakawa Leadership Scholarship by the Australian Graduate School of Management’s Executive MBA program.

The Australian Army and in particular its infantry core has an international reputation as being one of the worlds toughest and most resilient military units. As an infantry officer Paul has seen international service in 5 foreign countries, culminating in leading an international military observer unit in one of the words harshest environments. Paul has safely lead teams out of crossfire, negotiated the release of hostages, reopened international borders that had been closed due to hostile acts and provided humanitarian relief to communities suffering oppression.

On resigning his commission, he was appointed Director of Property at ALDI Foods where he oversaw the roll-out of a large number of supermarkets. His appointment as their first Director in Australia ensured his place in establishing the culture of one of the world’s largest food retailers.

Paul has served as the CEO and Board Chairman of Australia’s fastest growing company (BRW Fast 100) in 2013 after an approach by the board to ‘lead a substantial change’. Paul’s capacity to lead this change in a highly competitive and complex market (electricity sector) is testimony to his ability to ‘walk the leadership talk’. Paul has over 30 years of leadership experience across all socio economic and geopolitical boundaries making him highly sought after as an instructor and facilitator to all levels of business. Paul is married with three children and resides in Sydney, Australia.

Dr Gary Turnbull is a Director of the Lincoln Institute, having joined the organisation in 2014. He is a highly recognised and respected coach, speaker and facilitator in the fields of veterinary practice management and leadership, veterinary business models and life balance strategies. Gary has a particular interest in personal leadership and development. He has presented at numerous conference across Australia and delivered the 2015 AVBA On The Move Series, Leading Change in your Practice. He also developed the Goldmine Veterinary Dental Program which he has presented internationally.

Gary is also the director of the East Port Veterinary Hospital, a multi-award winning and Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association accredited Hospital of Excellence situated on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. He is a first class honours graduate from the University of Sydney and a Chartered Member of the Australian Veterinary Association. He is also a member of the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association, Australian Veterinary Business Association and Australian Veterinary Dental Society.

Gary is married with three children and resides in Port Macquarie, Australia.

“My life and business have been completely transformed under the mentoring of Paul Ainsworth. The changes were so profound that I felt compelled to join the organisation so I could help other practice owners, their families and their teams enjoy similar success”.

What others are saying about this event and the Lincoln Institute

The Lincoln team succeed where other management gurus fail – it’s not about the ‘ra-ra’ and ‘walking over the coals’ motivational stuff that lasts 5 minutes.  Rather, they help veterinary practice owners understand their team dynamic and help you recognise that nobody can be accountable for your practice success other than yourself.  Intimate, one-on-one coaching and twice-a-year mini conferences ensure that you, your staff and your practice will grow in all aspects – in a steady, solid and achievable way.  We’re very much enjoying our Lincoln Journey.’ 

Dr Jeremy Goldin, Owner of Bayside Animal Medical Centre, Melbourne

“The two days were packed with lots of information and were filled with fun laughter and learning. We liked the concepts and emphasis on growing people “behaviourally”, the focus being on everyone being a part of the learning and upskilling of our whole team was key for us. I can say there has definitely been a jump in the satisfaction, desire and happiness of all our team as a result”. 

Carron Jerram, General Manager, Veterinary Specialists Auckland, New Zealand 

Seriously serious training for the Veterinary Business Owner. Learning from the best in the industry has been a real privilege and blessing. Obtaining clarity of direction and the fundamentals of Veterinary business has enhanced my focus and in return delivered serious results.

Dr Mike Woodham Sugarland Animal Hospital QLD
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