Veterinary Colleagues We Need Your Assistance

It is no understatement that ensuring the well-being of veterinarians is one of the greatest challenges our industry is currently facing around the globe. Alarming levels of poor mental health and self-harm compared to the general population are widely reported amongst veterinary practitioners in recent times.

Accounts of significant workforce shortages of veterinarians for general practice across many countries around the world are an equally concerning trend in the last few years. In many cases, this imbalance between supply and demand has been attributed to unprecedented levels of attrition from the profession.

All this at a time when demand for veterinary services is growing exponentially.

Building on previous multi-national research into veterinarian well-being and attrition, Lincoln Institute® is conducting a first of it’s kind, global research project into sustainability in the veterinary profession.  Seeking the input from veterinary professionals around the world, this study is designed to more deeply understand the key obstructions to longer, more fulfilling careers for veterinarians and where the best opportunities lie to better support them.

In addition, it aims to ascertain the current scope, severity and distribution of veterinary general practice workforce shortages where they exist. Understanding where they may be occurring and why will be important objectives, but also exploring any impact that shortages might be having on practice’s commercial sustainability, patient outcomes and animal production needs.

Current or Former Veterinary Practitioners of all disciplines please follow this link or scan the QR code below to complete the Veterinarian survey:

General Practice Veterinary Business Owners and Managers please follow this link or QR code and complete the Employer Survey:

With clarity comes the power to act effectively. Aggregated and anonymised results of this survey will ultimately be published and utilised to raise awareness about the challenges our industry faces. Key opportunities to make a positive impact will be identified with an aim of supporting urgent and targeted action towards a meaningful change for the better.

Thank-you in advance for donating 30 minutes of your time to work towards a sustainable future for the veterinary industry.

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