Your people are your greatest challenge. Lead them well and they become your greatest asset.

The Lincoln Institute is a boutique leadership development company providing training and education to the allied health market. We combine the teaching of the Australian Graduate School of Management MBA program, The Royal Military College Duntroon officer training school and many years of operational experience both in corporate and allied health business.

Founded in 2011, Lincoln Institute has enjoyed a rapid growth with a specific focus on the veterinary, dental and paramedical professions. Whilst typical practice owners are highly skilled clinicians, they lack any formal training in business leadership and management. Consequently, most veterinary, dental and paramedical businesses never reach their potential and their owners are frequently frustrated by poor work-life balance and financial under-performance.

Lincoln now works with a multitude of practices from all over Australia to successfully bridge this gap. We equip senior personnel to deliver sound business strategy with clarity and purpose whilst the owner leverages themselves out of the business to the extent of their own choosing. In addition, we offer virtually-delivered onsite team-based training to maximise staff engagement, accountability and retention.

The Lincoln Institute Team don’t just “Talk the Talk”

All four of the Lincoln Institute’s Directors are highly successful business leaders in their own right who have “walked the talk” when it comes to Leadership:

Dr. Gary Turnbull BVSc (Hons) : Gary successfully operates a multi-million dollar practice with a team of 20 and profits consistently north of 20% …AND he does it 2 days a week.

Mr. Paul Ainsworth BSc (Mil), Dip HR, EMBA (AGSM): Paul has lead military teams under fire, served as CEO and Chairman of Australia’s fastest growing company (BRW#1), and founded one of Australia’s most successful leadership development companies.

Dr. Mick Powell BVSc (Hons) : Mick’s award-winning allied health practice enjoyed the highest normalised net profit PLUS return per principal in Australia… AND he achieved this working just 4 hours a week.

Dr. Chris Gough BVSc : Chris turned a small practice, in a low socio-economic region, into a thriving allied health hospital with 33% net profit…his business systems have been adopted by national education providers.

The one thing they all share in common is that they have applied the principles taught by the Lincoln Institute to produce extraordinary success in their own lives.

Emerging Leaders
Lead to Succeed
Emerging Leaders
Lead to Succeed