Congratulations on your decision to start coaching with The Lincoln Institute!

The Lincoln Institute provides one-on-one or small group coaching services with a focus on personal leadership development and exceptional business performance; coaching has been proven as a fundamental driver in making significant, lasting change in both personal development and business success.

Clients of our Lead to Succeed Program reap the benefits of regularly scheduled coaching throughout the program to facilitate the practical application of the leadership principles they’re taught at the two-day training sessions.

On occasions, where there is a need for support, along with a time lapse before the next Lead To Succeed intake, we offer this coaching for the interim period.

Lincoln’s highly trained coaching team comprises of men and women whose mastery of leadership led to exceptional success – they have ‘walked the talk’ in leadership roles and have all created high levels of success and leverage within their own organisations.

Some of the direct benefits of Lincoln Institute’s business leadership coaching program include:

  • Receiving real-time advice and guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes.
  • Achieving rapid results in your own development and/or that of your key team members.
  • A clear strategy each month on how you will achieve your goals.
  • The ability to handle difficult decisions with clarity and ease – with support on hand if you need it.
  • Improved efficiency and time management, enabling you to fulfill your role as the Business Leader and work on the $10,000 an hour work
  • Sharing the journey of self improvement and business development with someone trusted who will hold you to account and ask the hard questions.

Our Coaching coordinator will match you to the coach that they feel will be the best fit for you and this will be confirmed by email introduction.

All of our fantastic Lincoln accredited leadership coaches work closely with our Head Coach & Lincoln Director, Dr Chris Gough, who is also happy to assist you. It’s important for you to know that if there is ever a time you feel aspects of your coaching journey aren’t working out, we want to rectify this! Please discuss this openly with your assigned coach or alternatively reach out directly to Chris Gough.

We are always happy to re-assign you to an alternative coach if this is necessary to match your evolving needs.

To view the pricing schedule and complete the payment authorisation, please click here.

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