What are The Veterinary Leadership Awards?

Annual Awards recognising exceptional achievements in leadership in the veterinary profession at a national level.

This Awards Night is proudly sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Australia and the Lincoln Institute.

Annual Leadership Awards Gala Dinner 2021

All entrants for the award underwent a comprehensive full-practice Leadership Audit performed by Lincoln Institute which examined team and owner/manager review of achievements across 18 key leadership criteria.

Entrants were additionally required to provide a written submission, centred around leadership accomplishments in areas such as culture, well-being, financial performance, team and business development, recognition and feedback …to name a few.

Finalists, Runner-up and Winner were selected on the basis of Audit Scores, Assessment of written submission, and finally a rigorous panel review by leadership experts.

The Presentations

Why are these awards important?

  • One of the biggest opportunities identified by the Veterinary Shortage Steering Committee investigations into attrition of veterinarians from general practice was ensuring better leadership in the veterinary industry at a practice level.
  • These Veterinary Leadership Awards have been specifically designed to recognise veterinary practices and veterinary team members demonstrating exceptional leadership across Australia.
  • The broader aim for these awards is to raise the leadership bar for the veterinary industry and to inspire a modern and innovative approach to the way veterinary practices lead their people.
  • Lincoln Institute and Boehringer Ingelheim are passionate about the importance of great leadership and are proud to be taking affirmative action in one of the critical areas identified as key to addressing the industry challenge of veterinary shortages.
The Gala Dinner is on the first night of the Annual Omega Summit held each June

Where and when do they occur?

  • Held on the first night of Lincoln Institute’s Annual 3-day Omega Summit
  • The 2021 award’s night was Thursday 10th June 6:30-10.30pm.
  • The venue for 2021 was the Sheraton Grand Mirage, Gold Coast.
  • This is the Award Night’s third year – originally postponed from 2020 due to COVID.

Australia’s Best Led Practice Award Winners 2021

The 2021 Winners:

The winner of Australia’s best Led Practice is a story of true grit and determination.  Lincoln’s association with them started back in 2014 and from the outset, the leadership has shone a spotlight on what it means to dig deep in the face of significant head winds and how to be truly humble in good times.

By our calculations, this practice has achieved a touch over 55% annual compound growth in profitability every year for the last 7 years.

A measure of their humility is that they wouldn’t even know this.

From the can of CHUM dogfood that sits on the practice owner’s desk; a reminder of what might follow a break down in personal accountability to a practice wallpapered in Lincoln leadership models, reminding every team member that we can never stop learning, this practice lives and breathes a growth mindset.

The senior leadership team are a shining example, of how a growth mindset coupled with a willingness to be vulnerable and open to process improvement and importantly, implementation is a potent combination for success.

Dr Mike Woodham (Practice Owner) & Greg Goldsworthy (Practice Manager)

Sugarland Animal Hospital – Bundaburg QLD

(Received award as well as a Lincoln scholarship worth $4000)

Why do you think you were selected for this award?

Even though we don’t always get it right, we focus on consistent action and improvements over time (the compound effect) until we achieve our results.

Utilizing the lessons and leadership skills daily as taught through the Lincoln Institute has been a vital element to our success.

The 2021 Runner-Up:

The Runner-Up for Australia’s Best Led Practice is a force of nature.

The leadership is infectious with its creativity and willingness to go to any length to ensure that the team embraces everything that life has to offer, including a stint in the [mountains] complete with working compass (but no operator) and a map that had to be sacrificed as fuel to keep the team alive in the treacherously cold conditions.

The charismatic, and often highly juvenile behaviour of the leader belies a potent intellect and high degree of humility that has underpinned a meteoric rise in the practice’s performance.  The high performance of this practice in all areas of patient advocacy, team engagement and entrepreneurship come down to an ethos of the good leader is the one people revere, the great leader is the one whom people say ‘we did it ourselves’.

This practice owner leaves every place a better place and every person, a better person.  In leadership parlance, he’s an inspiration.

Dr Sam Jones (Practice Owner)

My Local Vet – Brisbane QLD

(Received award as well as a Lincoln scholarship worth $2600)

Why do you think you were selected for this award?

Because I have embraced and implemented Lincoln’s leadership principles in order to drive results in my practice and enrich the lives of those around me.

2021 Highly Commended Finalists:

  • Noah’s Ark Vet Services, Medowie NSW – Victoria Ireland
  • Greenvale Animal Hospital, VIC – Sam Rooke
  • Stephen Terrace Vet Clinic, Adelaide SA – Angus Brown
  • Ripley Vet Hospital, QLD – Andrew & Sarah Hemming
  • Toowong Orthodondics, QLD – Faye Goodyear

Australia’s Best Led Practice Awards Hall of Fame

2019 Winner:

Pets And Their People – Adelaide South Australia

Practice Group Owners – Dr Alan Dalgarno & Dr Vron Wah-Day

Alan Dalgarno, Vron Wah Day, Brook Wright with Lincoln Director Paul Ainsworth

(Received award as well as a Lincoln scholarship worth $4000)

2019 Runner-Up:

Gawler Animal Hospital – South Australia

Practice Owners – Dr Steve Crouch & Dr Dave McPhail

Steve Crouch

(Received award as well as a Lincoln scholarship worth $2600)

2019 Highly Commended Finalists:

  • Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital – Orange NSW – Practice Owner – Dr Judith Carney
  • Wangaratta Veterinary Clinic – VIC – Practice Owners – Drs Adam & Jo Willians
  • Ripley Veterinary Hospital – Ipswich QLD – Practice Owners – Dr Andrew Hemming Sarah Hemming
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