Transforming your brightest potential into highly effective team leaders.

Give us your best and brightest potentials for this 4-day off-site event and we’ll enable them to:

  • Give feedback and construct a message so that it strengthens relationships and encourages change – with both team members and clients
  • Build a culture of accountability that means they’ll delegate once and it happens every time
  • Recognise when delegated tasks are being pushed back onto the leader – and how to stop it happening, for good
  • Deal with stress ‘in the moment’ – and how to build resilience so that they can handle it in the long term
  • Manage their time effectively with competing priorities
  • Differentiate between a ‘training’, ‘performance’ and ‘mental health’ discussion – how to recognise which one is appropriate and how to do them well
  • Lead discussions with difficult clients including fee collection and expectation management
  • Conduct a great interview (hiring and performance managing)

What’s included:

  • 3.5 days of training, including all training materials, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner each evening
  • 3 x monthly group webinar coaching sessions 24 CE points
  • Attendance certificate

Please note that this program is running quarterly with a maximum of 24 participants per group, so places are limited.

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