Emerging Leaders

Leadership, no matter how small your business, is the key to the successful execution of your strategy. Emerging Leaders is a highly effective, leadership-based, business development program designed and proven to increase levels of engagement and accountability in professional services teams.

This program was developed in response to the challenge most business owners and leaders express when it comes to providing effective team training that influences both team culture and performance in a positive way. For most professional services business leaders, getting the team together for regular training can be extremely difficult and delivering it in an engaging way even more so.

At a fraction of the expense of providing external training programs or expert on-site facilitation, the Emerging Leaders program delivers live, industry-leading training to your entire team once a month with the convenience of your team gathering at your place of business. The content which is delivered virtually by a nationally-rated facilitator and leadership expert is highly interactive requiring individual participation with real time feedback.

Some of the many benefits you will enjoy through Emerging Leaders include:

  • Have people across your organisation do what they say they’re going to, and keep doing it.
  • Productivity will rise as your team members becoming increasingly switched-on and collaborative.
  • Team members will be clearer on their own and others expectations, roles and goals.
  • A more positive and collaborative environment where staff are happy and stick around.
  • Managers will gain an incredible edge, be more effective and efficient in their role.
  • Your team will share a common language and through it a more supportive culture.
  • Individuals will feel rewarded, included and valuable to be invested in this way.
  • Your entire team receive high-impact group training with minimal down-time and expense.

This innovative program will give you a competitive edge by making every person in your team accountable for their contribution to the success of your business. Emerging Leaders also creates a leadership pipeline whereby exceptional team members are provided with the competencies to step more effectively and efficiently into positions of responsibility when they become available.

How does it work?

The Emerging Leaders program that is open to all team members of a practice and is delivered live via one hour webinar sessions to the team. The sessions are supported with learning materials and engagement is enhanced through nominated practice “gurus’ and some light pre-session homework. These sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis over the course of a year and are timed to fit in with the ideal meeting times for all time zones.

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